"This could be Heaven or this could be Hell... what a nice surprise, Bring your alibis."

Welcome to HackersLab Free Hacking Zone!
Step 1
Press "Free Hacking Zone".

Step 2
You need to get a HackersLab ID and password to view the problems. Click "Registration".

Step 3
You must fill out each * . The others are optional.

Step 4
Your registration is successful if you see the following message. Click "View Problem"!

Step 5
Input the ID and password that you just registered.

Step 6
You're viewing the level0 problem. Read it carefully and solve it. There's a hint.

Step 7
Now it's time to access the HackersLab server. Connect to drill.hackerslab.org. The ID is level0 and the password is guest. Type those in, each in turn, to enter. You'll connect to HackersLab, and a bunch of stuff will pop up.

*A note for the clueless newbie: First things first, connect to the internet. Now... since I'm writing this for Windows users, here's how you open up telnet:

Click on <Start> - <Run> - Type 'Telnet' and click <OK>

Now you have telnet open and ready to use.

In the telnet window, there should be a toolbar on top with a menu called "Terminal". Click it and go down to "Preferences". In the left frame called 'terminal options' there should be a white box with the words "Local Echo" beside it. UNCheck that box.

Alight... now go to the "Connect" menu on the toolbar in the telnet window. When the submenu drops, click on "Remote System...". Now you should have a box on your screen that has 3 text fields. One says "Host Name", the second says "Port", and the third says "Term Type".

In the "Host Name" text field, type the name of the host you want to connect to. I use drill.hackerslab.org, but you can either put in an IP number or a server address in this field... it doesn't matter which.

Step 8
If you are seeing a lot of garbage on your screen, don't worry. That's Korean and you're probably using an English system to view it. It doesn't work. The Korean just says basically the same thing as the English. Now it's time to hack and discover a password for level1!

Step 9
Congratulations on passing level 0. Now, you need to view the next problem. Go to the Free Hacking Zone at http://www.hackerslab.org/eorg, input the level password that you just solved and then press the 'GoGoGo' button.

Step 10
To view the level1 problem, click "back" !

*What if you disconnected from the telnet server and then reconnected after a few days? Go to the Free Hacking Zone, then it will ask for your ID and password. Enter your ID and password and it will show you the problem at whatever level you are currently at.